Rates of Water Charges: ( w. e. f. 01.11.2010 and valid upto 31.10.2011)

Sl No. Category of the premises Rate per KL (Rs.)
1. Rate for domestic water supply/Schools/ Colleges Rs. 5.30
  *Rs. 3.18 in Haldia Municipal area.  
2. Premises vesting in and belonging to the State Government, Trustees of Port of Haldia and used solely for hospital, dispensaries, maternity homes and Nursing homes. Rs. 10.66
3. (1) Dispensaries; (2) Dispencing Chemists; (3) Pathological and Clinical Laboratories, (4) Nurseries; (5) Poultry Farms;(6) Private Hospitals, (7) Maternity Homes, (8) Nursing Homes, (9) Laundries; 10) Printing Press; (11) Lithoworks, (12) Restaurents; (13) Dairies; (14) Licenced Private markets; (15) Photo Studios; (16) Xerox or Photocopying Centre; (17) Boarding Houses; (18) Hostels; (19) Hair Cutting Saloons. Rs. 10.66
4. Properties other than those mentioned in this schedule vested in and belonging to State and Central Government. Rs. 10.66
5. (1) Shops; (2) Offices; (3) Banks (4) Shopping Centres or Departmental Stores; (5) Eating Houses; (6) Bakeries. Rs. 10.66
6. (1) All types of Industries; (2) Factories; (3) Industrial estates; (4) Chemical & Pharmaceuticals works; (5) Earthen Brick manufactures; (6) Properties occupied for generation and/or distribution of power; (7) Production and or distribution of gas; (8) Public Utility undertaking or corporation not specifically included in the schedule; (9) Petrol Pumps and service stations;(10) Garages; (11) Motor Workshops; (12) Cinemas; (13) Cold Storage Plants; (14) Water Supplied to ships. Rs. 13.03
7. Any other users not covered specifically in this schedule. Rs. 10.66




1. For domestic consumers and educational institutions Rs. 6.00
2. For Industrial use Rs. 10.00
3. For Commercial and other consumers Rs. 10.00




For taking the connection into the premise of the consumer, the consumer will have to make arrangement for this connection himself at his own cost and will have to be deposited to H.D.A. After deposition of the estimated amount, the pipeline, meter with its accessories will be installed by Haldia Development Authority at a suitable point and will be handed over to Haldia Water Management Limited. The consumers shall be held responsible for safe custody of the meter.




1. For domestic consumers & Educational Institutions Rs. 15.00
2. For Industrial use Rs. 150.00
3. For Commercial and other consumers Rs. 150.00