Running Projects

Civil Schemes

1. Construction of Moorum road at Baneshwarchak for diversion of existing moorum road inside proposed power plant CESC ltd. Road 131 Rs. 1,31,18,523/-
2. a) Construction of Bituminous Main Road at Chakdwipa Rehabilitation Colony (for WBM & Bituminous road).Total Length = 248.00 mtr.
b) Construction of Bituminous Branch Road at Chakdwipa Rehabilitation ColonyTotal Length = 195 mtr.
Road 16 Rs. 16,70,515/-
3. Construction of roads, drains & culverts at Bhabanipur Rehabilitation Colony, Phase-III. Dev. Of Rehab colony 119 Rs. 1,19,77,854/-
4. Construction of road from Gholapukur to Tekhali Bridge via Amdabad high school at Nandigram (Part-A) Road 270 2,70,51,953/-
5. Repairing of Steel Bridge at Tentulberia on the road from Railway Crossing to Geonkhali Water Treatment Plant (Phase-I). Bridge repair 30 Rs. 30,08,398/-
6. Additional work for repairing and strengthening of Steel Bridge at Tentulberia on the road from Railway Crossing to Geonkhali Water Treatment Plant (Phase-II). Bridge repair 25 Rs. 25,76,943/-
7. Construction of Moorum road from Sovarampur HPL link road (Length – 2500 Mtr., wide – 3.5 Mtr.) Road 134 Rs. 1,34,70,108/-
8. Construction of 48 nos. stall at Dangamore near Geonkhali Water Treatment Plant, Phase-I. Stall const. 51 Rs. 51,78,114/-
9. Durgachak Super Market – Miscellaneous works such as Drain, Cover Slab, Sanitary, Plumbing etc. Misc. works 6 Rs. 6,70,794/-
10. Repairing of road from Biswanath Duttarchak more to Hatiberia Bus stand via Bharatiya Vidyabhawan School and Shataku Housing. Road 20 Rs. 20,42,327/-
11. Construction of proposed industrial road at Alichak and Radhamadhabchak Length-1100 Mtr. Road 291 2,53,68,499/-(Original)
12. Construction of Bituminous road from SBSTC Bus stands to NH-41. Road 188 Rs. 1,88,32,247/-
13. Repairing of road from Sutahata bazaar to Hoerkhali. Road 90 -
14. Land Development work for bituminous road at Rajarampur Rehabilitation Colony (Part-A & Part-B). Road 79.5 -
15. Outside painting and allied works of 197 flats at Priyambada Housing Estate
( C-Type, 6 nos. block 4 storey ).
Misc. works 8.9 -
16. Construction of Main College Building of 2nd campus of Dr. Meghnath Saha Institute of Technology, Haldia from foundation to 2nd floor along with sanitary plumbing works complete in all respects. Building const 676 Rs. 6,76,17,221/-
17. Composite work for proposed District Head Quarter at Nimtouri Tamluk, Purba Medinipur.(Gr-A)Phase-I : Construction of road.Phase-II : Construction of cross drainage workPhase-III : Land Development work by carried earth and fly ashPhase-IV : Construction Part-A + Part-B Misc. works 1600 Rs. 10,61,26,729/-
18. Construction of concrete road from Chaklalpur bus stand to haldia baro culvert Part 1 Road 77 -
19. Construction of concrete road from Chaklalpur bus stand to chaitanyapur simana (jamberia) (Part 2) Road 27 -
20. Construction of concrete road from Gopalpur bus stand to Gopalpur post office under Mahisadal Panchayet Samity. Road 13 -

Electrical Schemes

1. Electrification of Maharaja Nandakumar College. Electrical 1.98
2. Electrification work of Food Park (Including electrical Connection). Electrical 124.15
3. Shifting of 11 K.V O.H line from the proposed site of lions Club, Vocational Training Institute & Paranchak high school at purba srikrishnapur, Haldia. Electrical 8.23
4. Electrification of Chakdwipa Rehabilitation Colony. Electrical 0.25
5. Electrification of Block E, F & G of Purba Srikrishnapur, Rehabilitation Colony. Electrical 18.39
6. Electrification of Bar-Mohanpur and Hariballavpur under Sutahata Panchayat Samity Electrical 4.6
7. Electrification of Ramchandrapur, Barada & Bijayrampur under Sutahata Panchayat Samity Electrical 5.85
8. Electrification of Monirampur Netaji Sangha, Monirampur Manasa Mandir under Sutahata Panchayat Samity Electrical 5.58
9. Electrification of Gobindapur Chakraborty Para and Bhowmick Para and Anarpur under Sutahata Panchayat Samity Electrical 5.16
10. Extension of existing grid at Barbasudevpur Kuity Para, Chaulkhola Daspara, Gorankhali & Jamberia, Iswardha Jalpai, Malpara (Dwariberia), Brajalalchak (Palpara west side) under Haldia Panchayat Samity. Electrical 3.91
11. Extension of existing grid at Gorankhali, Sapua, Barbasudevpur, Suklalchak, Hadia under Haldia Panchayat Samity. Electrical 2.18
12. Electrification of Barbajitpur 43 No. Booth Paul / Sk. Para (Dakshin Pally) (59), Barbajitpur 44 No. Booth Das Pally to Sitala Mandir / Sk. Para (59), Barabari Dakshin Pally and Paschim Pally (60), Chaulkhaola Dakshin near sushil Samanta’s house (93), Barsuklalchak Din Para, Dwariberia (P.S. Sutaha), Banskhana Jalpai (Beltala), P.S. Bhabanipur, Dalimbachak Patra Pally (Kumarpur) under Haldi Panchayet Samity. Electrical 14.67
13. Installation Road Traffic Signal System at Brajalalchak, Manjushree, Chaitnyapur,Ranichak Electrical 22.71
14. Drawal of 11KV Line from Manoharpur to Chaulkhola Daspara Electrical 3.38