Finance Section

Finance Section manages all financial matter of Haldia Development Authority. At present the section is headed by Sri Subhash Chandra Mondal, WBA&AS, Finance Officer. The outline of functions of the section, in brief, are as follows :
  • The duties of Finance Section of Haldia Development Authority is to manage the Finance Section of the office. Functions of the section include all sorts of planning, guiding and implementing finance matters of Haldia Development Authority. Annual as well as monthly budgets are also prepared in each month / year for payment of various types of civil works, electrical, works, water supply related works and works regarding maintenance of huge HDA assets, land acquisition and so on.
  • There is also various types of receipts of fund like rents of housing estates, garages, water supply charges from consumers, way-leave licence fees, leave value of land leased out to industrialists and so on. Management of all these funds and keeping proper accounts of all these payment and receipts is one of the important functions of Finance Section.
  • The other functions include liasoning of Internal Audit, A.G., West Bengal’s Audit and interpretation of their reports and to arrange for compliance with those audit observations.
  • Preparation of Annual Accounts is also included amongst the function of the Finance Section. For this purpose necessary books of accounts, e.g. Cash Book, General Ledger Books, Bank Accounts etc. are maintained in Finance Section.
  • All taxation matters are also looked after by Finance Section. Deduction of appropriate Income-Tax and Sales Taxes from huge number of payments, their accounting and their deposit into Govt. accounts within stipulated period and issuing statutory TDS to individual payees, and submitting of return to Income-Tax Authorities and Sales Tax Authorities are within the scope of duties of Finance Section. Submission of Annual Income Tax return is also looked after by Finance Section of Haldia Development Authority