Climate and Physiography

The climate of Haldia is a typical moderate one with winter temperatures ranging from a low of around 9,6 degrees Celsius to a high of 29.3 degrees Celsius. Winters are chilly and pleasant and it is also the festival time for inhabitants here with the Haldia  Mela  taking place during the same time. Summers,  on the other hand, can be very hot and humid. Usual summer temperatures in May, the hottest month range from a low of 24 degrees to high  around 42 degrees. Rainfall is heavy during monsoons, and the rainy months are between June and September

Table-1.indicates some of the salient features of Haldia.

 Table 1 Some Salient Features of Haldia

Location Location – 22” 02”N
Longitude – 88” 06” E
Topography 5.8 mtrs to 10 mtrs above mean sea level
Wind Mean speed – 5.5 to 9.9 km per hour
Rainfall Average – 1580 mm
Temperature Summer – 41.7” c to 24.0” c
Winter – 29.3” c to 9.6” c
Humidity 68 to 80%
Soil Alluvial, black, ragger and red terrogineous
Geology Khodalites, chamockites, quartzites and quartz veins