DPR / PPR / Techno Economical Feasibility Report

The industrial entrepreneur should apply to the Chief Executive Officer, Haldia Development Authority for allotment of Industrial Land for their project with DPR / PPR / Techno Economical Feasibility Report which includes the following

·         Introduction

·         Aims

·         Project at a glance

·         Items/ Product mix and Production capacity

·         Market Potential

·         Market Segment: Open market/ Export/ Ancillary

·         Investment Details

·         Land Requirement and justification for land requirement

·         Power Requirement

·         Water Requirement for next 5 years from the date of first requirement to be indicated (the company has to sign a Take or Pay Agreement for quantity of water indicated)

·         Manpower requirement and employment potential

·         Projected / Company balance sheet for  3 (three)  years , if any Promoter's Bio-Data