The Haldia Industrial region along the Western coastal region of river Hooghly is surrounded by rivers Haldi, Hooghly and Rupnarayan. The region has been developed with the Haldia port as the focal point. The port is located at the confluence of river Hooghly and Haldi, about 90 km down the Kolkata port and 90 km up stream from the Bay head.

The port has been primarily designed to reduce the pressure on Kolkata Port. Harbour of the dock complex is wide enough to accommodate an extensive fleet of ocean-going vessels. Thus Haldia being a satellite port of Kolkata has found opportunities for developing most of the port-based industries which were found declining in the Hooghly industrial belt due to the deterioration of Kolkata Port because of loss of navigability of the Hooghly river. The Haldia port contributes much for the growth of industries through importing industrial machineries as well as raw materials from foreign countries. Moreover the market for products of the Haldia industrial Complex has been extended beyond national boundaries through export trade.