The port of Haldia acts as the guiding factor to trade and commerce of vast hinterland comprising the entire Eastern India including Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh and the two land-locked Himalayan Kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan. Thus it has been rightly called as the “Gateway to Eastern India”. 
The National Highway 41 (Port Connectivity) connects the port city with National Highway 6 (part of Golden Quadrilateral) at Kolaghat. From Kolaghat NH-6 connects Orissa, Jharkhand, Kharagpur, Bankura and Purulia and also Durgapur, through NH-34 to North Bengal, Bangladesh via Petrapole and Bhojadanga Land Custom Stations. A State Highway also connects Haldia with Kolaghat via Tamluk town which is the district headquarters as an alternate connectivity. Besides the major Highways the Haldia township has an extensive network of roads that serve the different parts of the city and the industrial area. Also a 4-Lane Expressway linking Haldia to Kolkata upto Airport (via Raichak-Kukrahati ) is has already become visible on the horizon. The Land acquisition for the road is nearing completion.There is a proposal to build up a 4 lane bridge connecting Raichak with Kukrahati which will improve connectivity with Kolkata and reduce the travel time from present 2 hours to 1 hours between Kolkata and Haldia.


Haldia port is connected with the broad gaugeline of the South-Eastern Railways. Panskura-Haldia electrified rail route is highly suitable for the daily commuters. Also a circular railway connecting the core industrial areas to provide additional facilities to the industries are among the plans for the future. The rail route from Mecheda to Haldia has already been made double and remaining portion is being converted to double line.


The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, connects the port city to the rest of the India and world by air. Available road transport from the airport to the port city provides an easy means of communication in spite of the distance. Currently a helipad has started operating in the port city for the VIPs to travel to and fro. Haldia Development Authority has identified a location for medium size airport.


The location of the city gives it a major advantage over many other industrial townships in the country. A well-knit system of navigation canals and rivers serves the region. The Allahabad-Haldia stretch of the Ganga-Hooghly river serves as national waterways No 1. With Haldia Dock Complex, the country's 5th largest port with all modern facilities for industrial growth close to its doorstep, the city has its gates open to the far East and the other ports along the Indian coast line. Bulk cargo-handling facilities, full-fledged container facilities, an oil jetty to handle tankers with liquid cargo are a few of the facilities that the Haldia Dock provides. Along with these the city is also equipped with river ferry services between Kukrahati-Raichak and Kukrahati-Diamond Harbour.


For instantaneous communication to any part of the globe, Haldia port city is well equipped with the latest telecom facilities provided by BSNL, Reliance, Airtel, Vodafone etc. and postal services. The conventional cable networks have already given way to the optical fibres. Other modern means of communication such as Internet and mobile telecommunication have turned into reality. Haldia Development Authority assists the entrepreneurs in obtaining telecom , telex and fax connections on a priority basis. HDA facilitates the telecom players in setting and strengthening telecommunication infrastructure un Haldia by providing cheap and well located land for their Base Terminal stations and way leave for fibre optic cables.