Infrastructure In Haldia


A well connected road network with good condition of the roads is extremely important for an industrial region to prosper. This has motivated HDA to engage in construction of new roads along with widening of existing roads in full swing. The port city is traversed by a good network of roads and highways connecting different parts of the industrial area. Haldia Development Authority ensures that every industrial, residential and commercial plot has an access through a road. At present all the roads in Haldia are good conditions.

Roads recently repaired–

  • Repairing of bituminous road from Manjushree to Mitshubishi towareds Haldia Energy Ltd.
  • Repairing of Bituminous road from Manjushree to Durgachak Town Railway Crossing
  • Repairing of road from Vhangaberia to Tangua at Nandigram-I(Length restricted upto Hazrakata from Bhangaberia).
  • Repairing of Road from CPT Market to CWC Godown via Durgachak Police Station
  • Repairing of bituminous road from Haldia Dock Complex, Township (Makhan Babur Bazar) to Superior Petrol Pump.
  • Balughata – Chaitanya Pur Road (9 KMs)
  • HPL Link Road (6.5 Kms)

Roads recently strengthened and widened-

  • Repairing and strengthening of Steel Bridge at Tentulberia on the road from Railway Crossing to Geonkhali Water Treatment Plant.
  • Widening and upgrading of existing bituminous road from Terapekhya to Narghat. (Chainagefrom 0.0 Km to 8.0 Km).
  • Ranichak –Haldia Law College Road (1 Km) – Rs, 3 Crs.
  • Haldia Law College – Khudiram Nagar Colony ( 1 Km) – Rs 3 Crs.
  • Haldia Law College – Meghnad Saha Polytechnique ( 1 KM)- Rs. 3 Crs.
  • Majushree More to Sutahata (Under IIUS Scheme)
  • Manjushree More to Durgachak Railway Crossing
  • Manjushree More to MCC PTA
  • CPT Market – Ranichak via Exide and Ruchi Soya

Roads recently constructed–

  • Construction of concrete road from Hadia Baro Culvert to Chaitanyapur Simana(Jamberia)via Chaklalpur Bus Stand.
  • Construction of concrete road from Bholsara to Hatimore via Amritberia G.P. Office, under Mahishadal Panchayet Samity
  • Construction of Concrete Road from Reapara Palaimore to Khodambari G.P. Office via Shib Bazar
  • Construction of road of about 2.9 KM from Sahid Bedi to Banka. 11,497,604.00 Own Fund
  • Construction of Concrete road from the house of Satish Ch. Samanta to Tajpur PMGSY, JL No.-104,124,(Mahishadal)
  • Construction of Concrete road from NH-41 Chunghar more to BPHC Hospital ward No.-XV, under Haldia Municipality
  • Construction of Concrete road from Nandigram(South)High School to Taj Club(Near Madrasa) via Dhanyakhola Sitala Temple & High School at Samsabad & Daudpur G.P. Nandigram-I
  • Construction of Concrete road & Bituminous road from Nandarampur Bus Stand to Basulia Masjid via Purba Srikrishnapur, Ward No- II, under Haldia Municipality
  • Construction of concrete road from Ganga Mela(Uttar Salukkhali) to RupnarayanchakPrimary School under haldia Municipality
  • Construction of concrete road from Basudevpur Primary School to S. Kansabanik House, Ward No. 4 under Haldia Municipality
  • Construction of concrete road of 1.75 KM length from Srikrishnapur P.H.E. road via Srikrishnapur Primary School to Barada Railway Station
  • Construction of concrete road from Sutahata B.D.O. office to Ashadtalia Uttar Palli Lakshmi Mandir via Ashadtalia shitala Mandir via Subal Dhara's house upto the house of Ajijul Rahaman
  • Construction of road from the house of Niranjan Adhikari to Shuklalchak high school.
  • Construction of Road from Mitsubishi By-pass road to the Culvert near the Factory of Rohit Ferro Tech through Bhunia Raychak Mouza.
  • Construction of concrete road from (Dora bandh road) from Dighashipur Arthaik Vidyalaya to Bulu Bera House near solat (ward no-15) under Haldia Municipality.
  • Construction of concrete road from Sijberia to ECL Company via Anantapur High School to Gobindapur
  • Construction of concrete road from Dwariberia Upto Date Club to Brinda Mandir via Julki Para.
  • Construction of concrete road from Ratanpur Bus Stand to Ratanpur Library via Ratanpur Primary School under Haripur G.P. No.-V.
  • Construction of concrete road from the house of Sri Krishna Mondal at Patherberia to the house of Abu Kalam via from Uttar Patherberia to the house of Mahiuddin and via Samad Khan to Nousad Ali.
  • Construction of concrete road and drain from Rasamay Karan's house to Narayan Bhakta's house at ward no. 4 under Haldia Municipality.
  • Construction of concrete road from Bhangagara Board Primary School to Ichchapur Bazar under Bethkundu G.P.
  • Construction of concrete road from Barbasudevpur Market to Jamberia Post Office via Gorankhali Masjid within Deulpota G.P.
  • Construction of concrete road from the bituminous road (near the house of Lakshman Jana) of PHE to Deulpota Prathamik Vidyalaya through Deulpota Seva Samity.
  • Construction of concrete road from SriKrishnapur Bus Stand to Banakpota under NandakumarPanchayet Samity
  • Construction of concrete road from the house of Mahasin Mallik to Bharsha Para at Mouza Salukkhali under Haldia Municipality, Ward No. 06 (MPLAD scheme of 30-Tamluk P.C. for the year 2010-11)
  • 4 Lane Internal Road in Ghandhi Nagar Colony (Rs. 1.7 Crs.)
  • Utsab Bhawan to Ghandhi Nagar via Haldia Court ( Rs. 1.5 Crs)

Roads schemes under implementation-

  • Construction of concrete road from Kultalia R.I. office (Amtala) upto Garanberia wooden bridge via Kultalia Balika Vidyalaya at Kultalia Amtala (Garanberia) J.L. No. 175, plot no. 1020 to 520 under Bhekutia G.P.
  • Repairing and up-gradation of Horekhali by-pass road connecting SH-4 and Horekhali.
  • Construction of bituminous road from Repara Shiv Mandir more to Khodambari Bara Bridge via B.Ed College, Shiv bazaar and Panchayet Samity under Nandigram-II.
  • Construction of road from NH-41 via Kapasaria Bamunia Bandhab High School to Bangia Bikash Bank & JNV and to Mahishadal-Terapekhia road near Kapasaria more.
  • Construction of road from Banka to Bholsara under Mahishadal Panchayet Samity.
  • Construction of concrete road from Barbasudevpur Market to Jamberia Post Office via Gorankhali Masjid within Deulpota G.P.
  • Construction of concrete road from Dokangora (NH-41) to Kumarpur High Madrasa via Rajnagar Sitala Mandir and Korania Madrasa.
  • Up-gradation and repairing of road bituminous from Tengua to Hazrakata under Nandigram-IPanchayet Samity.
  • Repairing of Bituminous Road from Nandigram Jahuri More to Tekhali Bridge.
  • Construction of concrete road from Elokeshi More (NH-41) to house of Kulti via Hazra Pally.
  • Construction of concrete road from Iswar Chandra Jana Chetana Kendra to Chaksijberia Kartik Maiti House via Masjid to Swadesh Sinha House to Main Road.
  • Construction of concrete road from Ghangra Devaprasad PMGSY to Sundra Shiv Mandir via Sarberia Bagda Primary School and Sundra burning Ghat.
  • Construction of concrete road from Nandakumar Bazar to Fatepur Rail Crossing under NandakumarPanchayat Samity.
  • Construction of concrete road from SriKrishnapur Bus Stand to Banakpota under NandakumarPanchayet Samity
  • Construction of concrete road from Piyada Bus-Stand to Kamarda(NH-41) under NandakumarPanchayet Samity.
  • Repairing of bituminous road from Haldia Dock Complex, Township (Makhan Babur Bazar) to Superior Petrol Pump.
  • Construction of concrete road from Maheshpur to Jambari via Raynagar Manasha Temple in Gokulnagar G.P. under Nandigram-IPanchayet Samity.
  • Construction of Concrete road from the house of Alauddin to Das sura (NH-41) via Naikundi Primary Maktab.
  • Repairing & Up-gradationof Road from Amlat to Kukrahati
  • Construction of concrete road from the house of Mahasin Mallik to Bharsha Para at Mouza Salukkhali under Haldia Municipality, Ward No. 06 (MPLAD scheme of 30-Tamluk P.C. for the year 2010-11)

New roads under plans-
1. From Dighasi Pur (NH-41)to Central Bus Terminus via IT Hub, APeejay Knowledge Park, Education Hub and Radhaballavchak New Town ship ( Rs. 40 Crs)

Besides these, there are various other projects to commence in near future like widening and strengthening of road from Chaitanyapur to Kukrahati under PWD, Link Road from Baroda Railway Station to Goenkhali water Works upto ferry ghat, Bye-Pass road from vehicular ferry terminal from Kukrahati to Balughata Road and many others.


Haldia is served by rivers like Rupnarayan, Haldi and Hooghly that ensure abundant water supply for irrigation of the agricultural farms. The Authority has made requisite arrangements to ensure treated industrial and domestic water supply round-the-clock. Due to current water demand of industries, HDA augmented 25 MGD Water Treatment Plant of its existing 20 MGD Water Treatment Plant. For fulfillment of future demand a new 25 MGD Water Treatment Plant will be commissioned soon on BOT basis.


With passage of time the Statutory body of HDA has been given more teeth to acquire and distribute land.Land distribution norms has been eased to facilitate easy disbursement.About one thousand six hundred hectares of land has been vested with Haldia Development Authority. So, land is no problem for big or small-scale industry. Land also available for Residential, Commercial & Social Sector. New roads have been built to provide interconnectivity to various units. HDA has also taken care to ensure uninterrupted water supply, drainage facility and power availability. With increasing land possession it has enthused the investors to set up various industries along the industrial belt.


West Bengal State Electricity Board is primarily responsible for a stable and quality power supply to the Haldia Planning Area. Nevertheless HDA has come forward to participate in many of their projects both functionally and financially in the larger interests of industries, water supply projects and other important premises, thereby guaranteeing non-stop power supply. Recently HDA has got installed, through WBSEB,a dedicated power supply network to Chaitanyapur Water Works from HFC supply. The Authority is also planning to take up a number of projects involving renovation of electrical network in certain areas, illumination of roads and electrification of the underdeveloped areas. Moreover development of Kolaghat thermal power station has ensured uninterrupted power supply to the industrial region. Those willing to set up their captive power plants are also encouraged. CESC setting up a new 200 MW power plant for to support PCPIR (Petrolium, Chemical & Petrochemical Investment Region) at Haldia.


The Irrigation and Waterways Department of West Bengal plays a significant role in the planning and execution of the comprehensive drainage scheme for Haldia. To supplement, this scheme HDA has undertaken a number of projects like construction of drainage culverts and RCC Box type culverts over Manasatala Canal. Also some secondary drainage schemes for Storm Water Drainage have been taken. To avoid any piece meal drainage scheme, HDA has entrusted IIT, Kharagpur for preparation of comprehensive Storm Water Drainage Master Plan for Haldia Area where intensive development has taken place & likely to be developed in the near future. The rough cost of the plan has been estimated to be Rs.174 crores (approx.) as per the Draft Plan.


Housing and Township

The whole landscape of Haldia offers a pleasant visual relief far away from the hustle and bustle of city life Haldia offers a perfect ambience to stay. Besides various corporate residential complexes, it has almost 700 apartments in possession which are on long-term lease or rent. All these buildings are equipped with excellent modern accommodation facilities. HDA has come forward to set up amusement parks, Cultural Complex, IT Park, Knowledge Park, health clinics, gyms, shopping malls, schools and colleges, stadiums along with other modern amenities, thereby making Haldia as good as any modern township.
With rapid industrial development in the area several housing complexes have been built to facilitate living accommodation to the people. The Haldia Development Authority has built several housing complexes for different income groups with garages and other additional facilities. The Authority has around 700 apartments in its possession, which are available on long term lease or rent at affordable rates. Apart from these there are the corporate residential complexes and housing complexes with all modern amenities built by industrial units and some houses are also built by the private realtors.

Lush green parks, lakes and yet all modern facilities easy communication, good education, proper health care, recreation and sporting clubs, banking facilities are wrapped up in a single locale that makes Haldia a very special township to live in.

Health Infrastructure

The township is well equipped with medical facilities to take care of emergencies, routine check-ups, and chronic and complex cases. There is a 250-bed Sub-Divisional Hospital with specialized health care, prevention and treatment, diagnostic and pathology facilities. Also a 100 bed Eye care centre, 300 beded Dr.B. C. Roy Hospital cum Dental College, Government run health centres, primary health units and clinics. Apart from these the Indian Oil Refinery and Port have their own hospitals and clinics equipped with all modern facilities. A 300 bedded Medical College is also coming up under ICARE - an NGO.

Waste Disposal Facilities

West Bengal Waste Management Ltd. (WBWML) is JV project on PPP mode which has a a fully integrated waste management complex in Haldia. It has fully functional Industrial, Hazardous and Bio-Medical Waste Management plant. The domestic and municipal waste management facility is under construction. HDA has offered land ( about 100 acres) for this project.

Banking & Commerce

The industrial development has led the banking and financial institutions to operate from the township. Several Public sector banks, LIC, GIC, small savings institutions, Gramin banks have their branches all over the Haldia. Major Banks which have branches here.

Recreation and Sports

The Haldia Development Authority has constructed a huge stadium at Durgachak with a seating capacity of 12000 people to encourage the sports activities in the township. The township also houses parks properly developed and maintained. The riverfront along the Haldi river is being developed with facilities for all water sports activities in the recent future. An amusement park is also to be constructed within the township.
One sports city with a stadium is being developed by Haldia Municipality on a 65 acres plot of land.

Sanghati Maidan

Haldia Development Authority has developed a 45 acres plot of land as a public Maidan available for people of Haldia to have free access to it for walk, fun, games and sports. The Famous Haldia Utsav ( a 12 days carnival) would also be organized here.

Tourism and Hospitality

A steady stream of guests and visitors ( prospective entrepreneurs, Consultants, advisers, engineers, economists, technicians and CEOs) from all round the globe keep coming to the port city. Engineers and executives from Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, China, UK and other nation often visit the region. To meet to the needs of accommodation for these visitors Haldia Development Authority has promoted Haldia Bhawan to stay when in town for business purposes. With over 50,000 crore industrial investment having come in, numerous hotels, motels and guest houses have come up whose occupancy rate has been increasing regularly.

Shops and Markets

The township boasts of large shopping complexes where one will find a varied range of commodities. Durgachak is the old CBD of Haldia. A large number of stalls have been built in each one of the shopping complexes and leased out. Big Bazar, the retail chain of the Pantaloons group has just made its entry into Haldia. The city also boast of a large number of shopping complexes selling a wide range of goods. Bengal Ambuja group is constructing a shopping mall with multiplex about 150000sq.ft. at City Centre, Debhog.

Educational Infratsructure

Country's leading schools and educational institutions have started their branches here to impart good quality education. St. Xaviers, Assembly of God Church, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan are only a few to name. Co-educational and women's colleges have also been started. Besides the seats for general learning, there are engineering and polytechnic colleges likeDental College, Golden Regnecy ( Hotel Management Institute), Haldia Law College, Marine Institute, Paramedical Institute, Management Institute, Haldia Institute of Technology, Meghnad Saha Polytechnic Institute and Central Institute of Plastics Engineering Technology. An Industrial Training Centre has come up that ensures readily available skilled manpower. The foundation stone for Apeejay Knowledge Park has just been laid which will further enhance the academic level in the town.


In order to set up industries and other infrastructure, quite a number of settlements in different mouzas like Debhog, Alichak, Hatiberia, Bhuniaraichak had to be evacuated. HDA has shouldered the responsibility of rehabilitating these evictees by creating plots and allotting them to the uprooted families. Till now almost 3020 persons have already being rehabilitated at different rehabilitation colonies like Durgachak, Ramnagar Purba Raghunathchak, Bhabanipur, Mahatma Gandhi Nagar, Kshudiramnagar and Biswanathdatterchak colony. These colonies has basic infrastructure like roads, Street lights, drinking water, electrification, schools, health centres, playground etc. created and maintained by HDA.